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Serious Injuries Demand Serious Representation

There is a lot that we can say about what sets Alex Yadgarov & Associates apart from other catastrophic injury law firms in New York. But all we really need to say upfront is that we promise to take your catastrophic injury claim seriously. Whereas many other law firms might set your case aside, forget to keep you updated, and work on things at a leisurely pace, we are recognized throughout our communities for genuinely putting clients and their cases first. When working on such a serious case, we roll up our sleeves and prepare to truly go above and beyond to secure the best possible outcome. It’s what you need and deserve.

We handle cases involving a wide range of catastrophic injuries, including:

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What is a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury is generally accepted to be an injury that permanently affects the victim or that will likely cause a fatality if not treated immediately. There are various legal definitions of catastrophic injuries, though, which could apply to your case. Labeling an injury as ‘catastrophic’ is important because it could change how your case progresses or what damages are available to you. For example, here in New York, car accident claimants are often barred from seeking additional damages from the other driver unless they have been catastrophically or seriously injured.

In New York liability law, a serious or catastrophic injury meets these definitions:

  • Causes significant and/or noticeable disfigurement like visible scarring;
  • Involves one or more bone fractures, usually considering large bones;
  • Permanently limits the use of a body part or organ;
  • Significantly limits the use of a body part or organ for any amount of time; or,
  • Causes full disability for at least 90 days

Accidents That Often Cause Catastrophic Injuries

In our many years of practice, our Queens catastrophic injury attorneys have been there for clients who were catastrophically injured in a variety of situations. If you have been seriously hurt by someone else’s mistakes, then know that we can assist you, regardless of the details surrounding the how and why of your accident. You don’t need to keep searching for a helpful and knowledgeable law firm now that you have found Alex Yadgarov & Associates.

We can handle catastrophic injury claims involving:

Extensive Damages & Future Costs

You deserve every penny of compensation owed to you by the party that caused your catastrophic injuries and their insurer. When we say every penny, we don’t just mean the costs you have already paid, though. For catastrophic injury cases, it is doubly important for our team to consider your future costs and damages. It is likely that you will be affected by your injuries for years and years into the future, and it is only right to factor those effects and their consequences into your claim’s value.

Past, current, and future costs to seek in your catastrophic injury claim include:

  • Medical costs, treatments, and prescriptions
  • Rehabilitative therapy costs
  • Lost wages and lowered earning capacity
  • Loss of freedom caused by permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering, including chronic pain
  • Lowered enjoyment of life

We Put Our Clients First – Let Us Show You

Fighting for the wrongfully injured is a true passion of our New York catastrophic injury attorneys. We take pride in being able to carefully handle all aspects of a case while letting our clients rest and focus on themselves and their families. Your injuries are serious, so let us put up a serious fight to get you as much compensation for them as possible.

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    The best law firm ever!!!!!

    “I would like to thank Alex Yadgarov lawyers for doing a great job with my case. Alex and his team took very good care of me, They made all easier throughout my case and they were always their for me. ...”

    Bolanle J
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