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You cannot risk your traumatic brain injury (TBI) claim by relying on a legal team without the experience, resources, or interest to handle it. At Alex Yadgarov & Associates in Rosedale, our law firm knows the ins and outs of brain injury claims and lawsuits thanks to our extensive experience and insight. We know that your future wellbeing for years, if not the rest of your life, could be hinging on the outcome of your case, so you will never see us phoning anything in or rushing your case. We move with deliberate steps and give full attention to your case as it develops.

We stand out from other law firms due to our:

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Traumatic Brain Injuries & Acquired Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury is caused by a sudden and violent external force, like a blow to the head. Most brain injury claims involve a TBI because these injuries are often caused by different types of everyday accidents, like car accidents and slip and fall accidents. An acquired brain injury is the name for any brain injury that happens due to an accident or medical emergency unrelated to a hereditary condition. Technically, all TBIs are acquired brain injuries but not all acquired brain injuries are TBIs.

Our legal team is often called to help with traumatic brain injury claims, but we are familiar with all types of acquired brain injuries, such as those caused by extended oxygen deprivation or exposure to an unsafe medication. In any situation, you can count on us to help you figure out your claim.

Typical Brain Injury Treatments

Brain injury patients require extensive medical treatments and specialized care that are rarely seen in other contexts.

Treatments for TBI patients can include:

  • Months of hospitalization if in a coma or coma-like state
  • Years of rehabilitative therapy like speech therapy and physical therapy
  • Psychological sessions to adjust to new mental health difficulties
  • Prescription medications, sometimes experimental

Due to the depth of care that is required to alleviate the worst symptoms of a brain injury, and the intricacies of that care, medical treatment costs can become significant. Within the first few months, healthcare insurance policies can cap as treatment costs range into six figures. When a lifetime of care is calculated, seven-figure medical treatment costs are not out of the realm of possibility for traumatic brain injury claims.

You do not want to get stuck with those costs. Work with an experienced legal team that knows what to do to prove liability, calculate damages, and stand up to any insurance companies that challenge you.

Other Damages in Brain Injury Cases

The life-changing consequences of a brain injury can create many other types of damages beyond just medical treatment costs. Our Rosedale brain injury attorneys are careful to fully calculate all your damages of all types and for the future, not just what has already been experienced.

You could experience the following damages due to a TBI:

  • Missing wages: You are practically guaranteed to miss a long period of work due to a brain injury. The wages you miss while hospitalized and injured can be demanded in your claim. You can also sue for the differences in lifetime wages if your brain injury has limited your income capacity. Financial experts like forensic accountants can help us figure these details out.
  • Pain and suffering: Brain injuries are often accompanied by chronic pain in some form or another. Dealing with that pain and the pain you will likely feel in the future can be translated into general or noneconomic damage in your claim.
  • Lifestyle changes: Disabilities caused by a brain injury can make dramatic changes to your day-to-day life and your living space. For example, you might need wheelchair ramps installed around your home or in-home care from a nurse who visits each day. Costs associated with these lifestyle changes should be paid by the party that caused your brain injury.
  • Lessened enjoyment of life: It is not being dramatic to say that you will probably experience a lessened enjoyment of life due to a traumatic brain injury. Although you can come to find a new comfortable and new “normal,” it might be a long time until you are able to look past what happened to you.

You Rest While We Get to Work

The work that needs to be done to file a successful brain injury claim can feel monumental, especially if you are struggling with the consequences of a brain injury and don’t know the law well. Do not put yourself through that challenge, not when our Rosedale brain injury attorneys of Alex Yadgarov & Associates can make everything much simpler. We do the difficult parts of your case while keeping your spirits up. Together, we can fight for what is right!

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