Can I File a Car Accident Claim During COVID-19?

avigating the legal system when you want to file a personal injury claim is already challenging on its own, but now that COVID-19 has spread its reach to virtually every industry, many may be wondering if filing a claim after an accident is even a possibility. Just because the coronavirus is impacting the world doesn’t mean that car accidents stop happening. Individuals are still getting injured in car accidents every day.

Social distancing and stay-at-home orders have made it difficult for courts to stay open, and many state and federal courthouses have closed during the pandemic, slowing down the timeline for personal injury claims. While you may not be able to proceed with your case in court at this time, there are still a number of steps you can take to be ready when the courts do open.

What to Do After a Car Accident

Even though hospitals and emergency rooms are impacted by COVID-19, it’s still important that you seek medical attention after being injured in a car accident. Your health is of the utmost importance, and in order to strengthen your claim, having a doctor’s report is crucial evidence in proving your injuries were a direct effect of the accident.

You should then hire a personal injury attorney. Our firm remains open and available to listen to potential clients over the phone and video conferencing during this time. Our team strives to always be here to help you because we know that accidents don’t wait for a convenient time to happen. Insurance companies are also open during this time, which allows our personal injury lawyers to communicate with agents and possibly seek a settlement.

It’s also important to remember that personal injury claims have statutes of limitations – most states have a 2-3 year deadline for filing a claim. Though you may not be able to bring your claim to court for a while, it’s still recommended that you get started on your case with a lawyer so they can gather the evidence you need to prepare your case for its eventual day in court.

Putting Our Clients First

When you’ve been wrongly injured, you need a team of fierce advocates in your corner who can pursue justice on your behalf in the form of entitled compensation. You may be suffering from the pain of your injuries as well as crippling financial debt, but at Alex Yadgarov & Associates, our lawyers have decades of experience helping clients recover fully so they can move on to a better future.

Our team has recovered the following damages for our injured clients:

  • Medical bills, including hospital stays, surgeries, ambulance rides, X-rays, prescription medications, physical therapy, and more
  • Lost wages or future earning capacity from missing or having to quit work due to injuries
  • Property damage, including car repairs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Funeral and burial costs if you lost your loved one in an accident

We’ve handled countless car accident cases, as well as slip and falls, train accidents, wrongful death, and construction accidents, among others. Trust a law firm with a long track record of success – trust our team. We’re still active during COVID-19 and can have your case ready to go when courts open.

At Alex Yadgarov & Associates, our car accident attorneys are committed to helping clients secure compensation to treat their injuries. When you contact us online or by phone at (718) 276-2800 for a free consultation in English, Spanish, or Russian, you can rest assured knowing your well-being is our top priority.